Saturday, 1 June 2013


So I just love anything scented with coconut. I love the gorgeous freshly sweet smell it has!
I decided to try a coconut conditioner and yeah it smelt great but I was disappointed...
Me being a teenager I have grease-prown hair. I wasn't expecting this but it made my hair greasy even though I throughly washed it out and made sure there was no left over residue.
But when my hair was dried my hair seemed near enough fine but then not soon after it felt slightly greasy. Then it quickly progressed to get greasier causing me to again wash my hair soon after.
Then figuring out it must have been the oily coconut, I scrapped using it and moved onto an apple shampoo and conditioner specially for greasy/normal hair.
So if you have oily/grease prowned hair then I don't recommend using a coconut based conditioner- I haven't used a shampoo so I don't know the affect but still don't recommend an oily based product.

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