Saturday, 30 March 2013

Some party cupcakes :)

So these are some cupcakes I made for a party tonight :)

If anyones interested, heres the recipe I made up :)
(Makes 4 of each flavour)

All batter:
5-6 tbsp butter,
1 cup white sugar,
2 tbsp brown sugar,
2 eggs,
1/2 tsp vanilla,
1 cup self raising flour,
4 tbsp milk.

Use the usual creaming method, adding egg then flour and other ingredients as my other recipes call for.

Separate batter into 3 bowls.

For the chocolate, add 2 tbsp cocoa powder
For the vanilla, add 1/2 tsp vanilla and/or 1/2 tsp vanilla paste
For the chocolate chip, add 1/4 cup chocolate chips
Add into 4 paper cases each.
Bake for 20 minutes or until skewer comes out clean.

All buttercream:
3 tbsp butter,
1-1 1/2 cups icing sugar,
2 tsp milk,
A couple of drops of vanilla.

Seperate into 2 bowls.

For the oreo buttercream to top the chocolate cupcakes:
Crush up two whole oreo's into the buttercream. Top the cooled chocolate cupcakes anyway you want.
Then get two oreos, pull them apart, crack each half into half again so u end up with 4 pieces and place on buttercream so it appears there is a whole oreo inside

For the vanilla buttercream to top the vanilla cupcakes:
Add 1/2 tsp vanilla. Top the cooled vanilla cupcakes anyway you want.

For the chocolate chip,  use some leftover buttercream from the vanilla. Put on some the size of a 5p. Place a raspberry on top.

Enjoy :)

15 reasons why I hate school...

1. Its full of dickheads who, hopefully, in years time wont be in your life anymore
2. Most teacher just dont give one...
3. Too much homework
4. Whats the point in an option...
5. Teachers are cruel
6. They dont cut you any slack
7. They dont consider socialising
8. Its not considered we have a life outside of homework
9. Some people seem to think that 'own clothes day' is a fashion show...
10. Some people seem to enjoy making people unhappy
11. Some people dont consider feelings before they say something
12. If your different, god forbid...
13. Case studies are just-
14. Theres always that person in your year that you actually cant believe how snotty they are
15. I hate being there, everyones mood is a lot better when they're out of school.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easters almost here :)

I'm not too bothered about easter to be honest, I mean I'll take 2 weeks off school anyday! But for many easters mainly about chocolate eggs and for me I end up eating half of one and thats it... so I'm not a massive egg eater...
But schools out for easter! Woo hoo!
Thinking about it I might make some easter cupcakes! Be up on saturday! Along with some others I'm going to take to a big party on Saturday :D

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What do u want to see?

So, I just have an interest to see what the viewers or passers by of this blog have ideas of what they may want me to do, whether that's recipes they need or want or different things they want me to try such as the maple syrup diet but the proper version... if I were to start the proper maple syrup diet I wouldnt be able to do it this week due to the unthinkable calories I will be consuming this saturday :(
But ... please comment below if you have any ideas or interests you may want tk see on here because I would like some new subjects to talk about and see some interests of the viewers and passer bys that may see this blog...

:) :) :) x

Monday, 25 March 2013

Maple drink review

So all last week all I drank everyday was the maple detox drink,  although eating aswell I didnt do the proper detoxifying course in which beyonce did and also not for 2 weeks... I dont know if its because its a monday or if its because I stopped drinking the drink or just didnt drink it today but my energy has been lower and I was struggling to find energy to do maths second to last lesson. I must say the whole 5days I had in school that I was drinking it I never experienced it, so, was it the drink? I mean it did say it it gives increased energy... hmmm... maybe someday I'll do the full cleanse and review but for now we're on last week x

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Have you got a target? Maybe its getting good grades in school or college... getting up for school earlier to save the rush! Or maybe shed the extra pounds before summer (eventually) gets here... Have been planning this since New Years? I know I have! Bring on summer means bring on the diets, now! Everyone seems to be going on diets including myself. I must say I'm quite surprised i've lasted this long to be honest and hopefully I can go longer. I swear my google history is filled with searches of diets, recipes and exercising that will finally make me happy if I get my desired result. Healthy food shops and just about that tiny amount of exercise to get me by is a struggle when finding a gym where you can actually get on a helpful piece of equiptment is hell to find... I tried the detox drink I posted earlier on, although I didnt just have that, I also ate, even if I didnt eat mcdonalds and fry ups, it didnt really change me too much except for that increased energy I noticed I subtley got. I mean struggling to keep myself awake in Maths and the last lesson of the day is terror and I found that the week I drank the detox drink that that didnt seem to happen, even if i did go to sleep 1 1/2 hours after going to bed...
So has anyone else got a target that possibly they gave themself at New Years? If you do let me know how its going or email my blogs email contact address :) x

Friday, 22 March 2013

Snow is fallin,' all around us...

'Weather' your going out with your snow boots and big coat on for a snowball fight or building a snowman... or snuggling up with a hot chocolate! Either way its happening and as beautiful as it can be, the snow can be quite annoying for the middle of march...

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Healthy Detox Drink

Beyonce spilled the beans on how she slimmed down and lost 1½ stone in just two weeks for her movie Dreamgirls.
Beyonce’s diet apparently consisted of eating nothing for a fortnight, instead surviving on detox drinks consisting of a syrup mixed with lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper!
Many of the claimed benefits include weight loss, cleansing the body of toxins, greater resistance to illness, improved concentration, increased energy, clearer skin and eyes, shinier hair and stronger nails.
The detox drink itself is made by mixing 2 tablespoons of the Natural MapleSyrup (which they say is 20ml) with 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper or ginger and half a pint of hot or cold water. It’s recommended you drink as much as you like, but ideally six to nine glasses daily.
The Full Detox – this involves surviving solely on the detox drink for 10 days, although it’s recommended that beginners follow it for just 5–7 days. It can also be extended for up to 14 days, but should only be done so with the consent of a health professional. 
Relaxed Version – this involves substituting breakfast, dinner or both these meals with 2–3 glasses of the detox drink. But you should still avoid sweets, processed foods, red meat, fried food, white bread, dairy products, coffee and booze for the remaining meals. 
The Once a Week version – as the name suggests, you skip food and have the detox drinks on one day each week.
The Master Plan – a hardcore plan that involves a twice-yearly multi-day detox combined with detoxing once a week.

This is not a source from myself... these are findings from the website linked.

I have tried the drink myself and quite liked it.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Happy birthday thegirlwithacameracalledlionel!

(originally made on Tuesday 5th March)
Today my best friend - founder and creator of
She 15 today! I love her to bits and hoped she had an awesome day :D
For her present I wanted to make her smile and wanted her to be happy with it :)
I bought three different sized picture frames in her favourite colour  (green)
The smallest frame contained a picture of us when we done our mile run for charity as cats xD
The second- medium frame contained a picture of her and Ryan Oshaughnessy when we went to see him and met him several times :) :) :)
And the third -largest frame contained a picture of her and her boyfriend together with whom its their 1 year anniversary this month!
Then over the top of them lay tissue (sort of) paper. On top was a makeup designed for sensitive skin and makeup naturally made without harsh chemicals to the skin.
Then scattered around them was mini packets upon packets of love hearts :)
Hopefully I pleased her.

Well sweetie, hope you had a brilliant birthday Aimz.
Please visit her blog.
Maybe give her a follow.
Give her a view.
Give her a nice birthday comment :)

Bye for now fellow bloggers and searchers... <3

Saturday, 2 March 2013

25 facts about me

Everyone on blogs now seem to be doing the '25 facts about me' so I thought I'd join in...
So, 25 facts about me...

1. My name is Hannah-Kate McGarry
2. I am addicted to Crunchie bars and drumstick lollipops
3. I have to tap things an even amount of time (freaky right)
4. I have a little bit of anxiety
5. I love my friends and family more than anything
6. My best friend is the runner and creator of
7. I strongly think that alot more american sweets should be sold in the uk
8. I'm in love with Alfie Deyes and Justin Bieber
9. Anything Hello Kitty- I'm there!
10. I am eating a crunchie bar whilst writing this, and due to my addiction I probably always will be
11. Reeses are just amazing
12. I wear makeup daily- except foundation (unless its a party/concert)
13. I've met Ryan Oshaughnessy 7 times in the same place
14. I believe that one day no one will care about what everyone else does- that will be a good day
15. I remember the most insignificant things such as dates
16. I work out weird stuff like I'm 15 now, next year I'm 17 but at new year I'll be saying I'm 18 next year which sounds weird saying because I'm 15 now < weird.
17. I am an absolute Marvel comic nerd I watch as many of the movies as many times as I can and try and read as many of the comics
18. DC comics are just ...meh...
19. I'm single, how interesting...
20. I'd have 0 things to do if I didnt bake and/or cook
21. The sun makes me happy!
22. I have one brother and I love him to bits! Couldnt ask for a better one
23. I'm pleasantly strange once you get to know me
24. Sometimes I secretly act out my own music videos with myself when listening to music alone (sad)
25. Sleep just doesnt seem to like me and sometimes just doesnt do its job, so it tries to catch up with me in school