Friday, 31 May 2013

Very chocolate cake! RecipeFriday #8

This makes me hungry for it just by writing about it. . .
So we all love a good bit of chocolate. I like my chocolate cakes dark and rich and filled with flavour,  well, and cocoa powder and chocolate!

200g self-raising flour,
100g brown sugar,
50g dark brown sugar,
50g white sugar,
150g soft butter,
1 tsp vanilla extract,
5-6 tbsp cocoa powder,
50g dark or milk chocolate,
3 eggs,
A few tbsp milk,
1/2 tsp baking powder.

In a heatproof bowl above a saucepan of simmering water, break up the chocolate with the butter. Wheb melted, take off the heat and set aside to cool. (Can speed it up by putting it in the fridge or freezer for a couple of minutes)
In a large bowl mix together the flour, sugars, baking powder and cocoa. When chocolate has cooled or near enough cooled, whisk in the eggs, vanilla and milk.
Then add this wet mixture to the dry mixture. When all worked in, you can pour it in one big cake tin or two sandwich tins. With two tins it will cook and cool faster getting you one step closer to eating it!
One tin: 30-35 minutes check at 30- if a skewer doesnt come out clean, pop it in for a little longer.
Two tins: 20-25 minutes until skewer comes out clean.

Ok, now its the even more delicious part!

300g good quality dark or milk chocolate. I'm not saying pay a fiver for a bar just a pound or something. Its seriously worth it in this case trust me.
300ml double cream,
1-2 drops vanilla,
1 tsp cocoa powder.

In a small saucepan heat the cream and vanilla until it just begins to simmer and go into a boil. Pour over the chocolate -which will be broken up in a bowl with the cocoa powder. Leave for about 30 seconds then stir until smooth. Pop in the fridge to thicken.When the cakes are cooked and cooled seperate them into two layers or it will already be done if you cooked them separately anyway. Then add about 1/3 of the ganache and spread into the middle. Then place top layer on top. Then cover the cake with remaining ganache! Feel free to lick the spoon- it's addictive and delicious!

One tin tip: you could attempt to split the cake into three layers if your confident enough! Two layers filled with ganache!! Yum!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

How to make perfect yet simple frosting. . .

I needed another little something to the blog, so I decided to do a 'how to' and I decided to start off the absolute simplest!

So this was actually the first time I made frosting and the first time I used my first electric whisk. Making frosting and electric whisks just fit!
So when I first made the frosting or buttercream I kind of went crazy with my electric whisk- so this takes a bit of time- but is soooooo worth it.
The reason I'm mentioning a how to on this is because I find everyone needs to know that putting a little extra time into something like this is totally worth it!

1/2 cup soft butter,
1 1/2 cup icing sugar,
1-2 drops milk,
A couple of drops of vanilla.

Whisk the butter a little to just bring it together.
Add half the icing sugar and whisk on low speed for a couple of seconds. Then whisk on high speed for a minute. Then add the rest of the sugar and whisk for 10 minutes. Yes 10 minutes. Add the vanilla (or any other flavouring you like) and milk. Then whisk on high again for another 5 minutes until REALLY light and REALLY fluffy.
You can also add food colouring- preferably gel colouring. You can add a tablespoon or two of cocoa powder. You can also add mashed up fruit or fruit flavourings. Or crushed oreo's maybe?

Thats it.

You'll be surprised in what all that whisking can make rather than doing it with a spoon for a minute.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New cake! YING&YANG

So for my mum and dads anniversary I decided to make them a cake.
I researched some anniversary cakes and came across a ying and yang caje similar to this. So I decided to put my own little spin on it!
One of the sides if slightly raised and I think it gives a extra something to the cake rather than it being flat.
I actually put some flowers or 'poppies' to cover simple imperfections on the edges of the icing at the bottom of the cake. Worked really well and happily covered them up.
It contains a marbled vanilla and chocolate vanilla cake inside. Yum!
I iced and decorated this in the 15 or so minutes my mum and dad were out- so like I said- many imperfections. But hey, I'm an amateur and just glad I made my parents this nice, simple little cake.

Love is in the air :)

Today is the 20 year anniversary of my mum and dad meeting and quickly falling in love.
They only got married two years ago- to this day. Same day they met- 18 years later they married.

The story of them
They were both not long out of long relationships when they met in a pub around and about. They really hit it off and both parties thought there was just a 'rebound' thing going on. They became really scared when they realised how fast they were falling in love 2-3 weeks.
Then 4 months after meeting they both 'knew' and, well, after them 4 months, my dad popped the question. A few years later they decided they were ready for children- and that's where me and my big brother come in!
They finally decided to start planning a wedding august 2010 after me asking and begging and helping them realise how great it would be. So I went round hotels and registrar's with them. And the day began to come together! They were married May 29th 2011.

Happy 20th/2nd anniversary mum and dad. I love you!!


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Beautiful weather!

So waking up to amazing weather is definitely a bonus on the weekend,  and even better- the half term! So whether your going to the beach or chilling in the garden- get out! I'm in england- enjoy it while it lasts!!

Enjoy the weather people ;D

Ok, so I wrote this about 6-7 hours ago and I was in the garden out of my wifi range so this saved as draft but here I am posting it now. Don't judge me.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

15 weird facts and obsessions

So recently-ish I've noticed I have a few weird obsessions. Some of them weird-ish and some of they just plain strange so heres  obsessions and weird things I do...

1. When it gets past 8-9 o'clock at night I become instantly thirsty and drink a lot of liquid.

2. When the time is the same time as itself, I have to take a screenshot of my phone or take a pic of a digital clock, e.g: 22:22 16:16 13:13

3. Sometimes I think of movies or episodes of something that havnt been on tv for absolutely aaaaages! Then the next day or two they are on! Weird...

4. If I'm bord, or if I think of a sweet food. I'll get up and bake it

5. I have to tap things an even amount of times

6. Every now am then I have to curl my big toes (you know where you sort of squeeze them in) not to specifically crack my toes, I just have to do it.

7. I really cannot leave my phone unlocked. As soon as I'm finished doing what I'm doing if I put it on the table or have it in my hand or whatever I HAVE to lock it.

8. I rarely get to my cup of tea when its hot.

9. I am aaaabsolutely addicted to my phone and spend around about 8 hours on it a day, if not more.

10. Whenever I eat chocolate ice cream I get it round my mouth and my brother puts it round his mouth to make fun of me haha

11. When I watch tv, I flick to the 'lifestyle' channel to see if theres any cooking/baking channels I like on, then I go to the 'movies' then I go to 'all channels' in that order ...everytime!

12. Happy wheels is the only thing that can get me in the deepest histerics ever! Me and my brother absolutely die of laughter when we watch the youtube vids together!

13. I don't like getting on buses with people from other schools

14. My best friend just has the best ideas that I have to restrain myself from stealing :/

15. Thunder makes me uncomfortable and look strange when I'm dead fiddly in class and theres thunders...

Well I kind of dragged this out a little. The first few are definitely massively valid and I do these obsessions and facts obviously all the time.

What are some weird facts/obsessions that you have?


Friday, 24 May 2013

Chocolate fudge cookies RecipeFriday #7

My mate made some similar to these and a few weeks later I thought about them. Then a cookie craving me reached for the cupboard doors and decided to create my own! They're really morish and not sickly sweet.

1/2 cup soft butter,
1 cup brown sugar,
1 cup white sugar,
3-3 1/2 cups plain flour,
1 egg,
1 tsp vanilla extract,
1 cup small fudge cubes, (about the size of 1/2 5p)
1/3 cup small cubes of white chocolate, (you can substitute any chocolate but this is all I had in)
1 tbsp cocoa powder.

In a bowl, mix the butter and sugars together. Then add the egg until fully combine- add a tsp or two of flour if it curdles or seperates- which it probably will. Then add the vanilla.
In a small seperate bowl combine the chocolate and fudge and 1 tbsp flour.
Then in the first mixture, add the flour.
Then add the fudge and chocolate to the mixture.
Then with the final mixture add the cocoa powder in 4 parts- sprinkle it over the mixture, marble through. Add the next 1/4 marble through and continue until all gone.
Then scoop it with 2 tablespoons and place on a greased and lined baking sheet in balls a few inches apart.
Then bake for 10-15 minutes in 180oC oven until set and slightly crackled on the outside and sticky, soft and gooey on the inside.

Wait 5-10 minutes to slightly cool and dig in!!

Enjoy :D

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cute little butterflies!

So another ebay buy from the other day. These are really cute and perfect for cakes and cupcakes ect...
They come in pack of 20 in a range of colours. I chose 10 white and 10 pink. This is the best price I could find at £1.50 and compared to any high street prices we may find, this is probably a bargain!

These are from the seller:
They have sold 13476 items and have a 100% positive feedback rate.

Definitely a recommended product and seller :)

Monday, 20 May 2013


Sup bloggerino's!

So yes ebay has become my new 'baby in my life' as I have ordered and had delivered 11 items and am waiting on another 11 - altogether under £30! Thank you! And none of this stuff is used stuff its new and unused!

So just a cute one I wanted to show you was these little Eiffel Tower pendants for £1.80 thats the cheapest I could find. They're really cute and nifty. Can be made into bracelet or necklaces or well, whatever really.
They are from the seller:
They have sold 7302 and everyone of them has positive feedback giving them 100% positive feedback!

Really cute. Still the explanation remains a secret for now... ;)

Laters x

Saturday, 18 May 2013


The Liebster award
The Liebster award is for blogs with less than 200 followers.
The word Liebster is German and basically means 'sweetest', 'dearest', 'welcoming', 'endearing', 'kind' and 'lovely' ect.
I was nominated by the beautiful Amy her blog is wonderful and full of amazing makeup and bargain tips! Check her out!

1. Each person nominated must list 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions left by your tagger.
3. Create your own 11 questions.
4. Tag up-to 11 people.

Where would you like for your blog to take you?

Well, I would love it to take me to the depth of blogs like Zoella and Sprinkle of Glittr. I want followers that are like my little internet friends and family. And hopefully get me more customers :)

Who is your blogger idol/ inspiration?

Probably Zoella, she is amazing and teaches us a lot about makeup and lifestyle. She also gives amazing advice and inspiration on the subject of Anxiety.

Who is your favorite YouTuber?

OMG thats such a tough question because I watch so many that I sincerely love. But my favourite is probably ALFIE DEYES! My best friend even has me saved in her phone as 'Mrs Deyes' >.< cute!

Favorite colour?

Damn! That's a toughy... Probably white haha

Whats your pet hate?

 People who use the word 'c*nt' 

Whats your hidden talent?

hmm... well I sing a lot round the house but I don't know whether to call that 'hidden' or a 'talent.'

Where would you like your life to take you?

I just want to be happy in my life and be surrounded by people I love and support who do the same for me back. I also just want a fulfilled life.

Have you met anyone 'Famous?'

erm, well theres Ryan O'shaughnessy, Tony Hibert (everton player), haha I can't really think- I feel like I have but I don't think so other than them.

Flats or Heels?

hmmmmmmm... depends on the flats. If I'm wearing a flattering dress then I want my legs to look nice so heels in that situation. DAMN i'd have to saaaaay... flats, but I've never dis-own either.

Whats is your favorite thing about yourself?

tough one there. probably my... er... eyes or jawline :/

Have you met any blogger friends?

Nope not yet but I am soooo eager to though!

My 11 Nominations: 
(I'm just going to put the names of their blogs)

I'm afraid that's it for me. I'm sad to say theres only that many I follow and folow me back up to now. Hopefully this will gain me more followers and friends. Thank you <3

My Questions:

1. What made you start blogging in the first place?

2. What inspired your blog name?

3. If you could add another element/subject to your blog, what would it be?

4. When do you usually post?

5. Do you have a set time of the day/week/month that you post on your blog?

6. Youtube or Blogger?

7. Favourite one ^

8. Do you wear makeup? If so, what is your favourite brand?

9. Do you have any interests that you do not include on your blog?

10. What would you like your life to consist of?

11. Who is your celebrity crush? (Glad I'm not answering this- I have so many!!!)

Well that's it Bloggerino's, thanks again for the nomination Aims... Let the Awards continue! <3              

New update!

Hey bloggerino's and passers by!
Just a quick little update.
As you may know I not long got paid £30 for a blog post on here and I've been rading the hell out of ebay. Already had 11 deliveries, and made 4 more purchases!
A lot of them including cute disco ball braclets. So it triggered me to look more beads, different types of beads and then threads. And thats when I decided to start making and selling cute little jewellery.
I'm aware my friend has done this in the past.
I have some really cute ideas and am hoping to get more followers to sell them to.
When I get some more followers I'll be putting up a 'way to pay' and my email for this even though its on my info.

Later x

Friday, 17 May 2013

Macarons! RecipeFriday #6

These are amazing and cute! Reeeeally morish! Love them to bitz!
175g icing sugar,
125g ground almonds,
3 large eggs,
75g sugar,
1/2 tsp red gel food colouring.

150g icing sugar,
50g soft butter,
1/2 tsp red gel food colouring,
1/3 tsp vanilla extract.

Pre-heat 160oC/fan assisted 140oC/gas mark 3.
Sift the icing sugar and almonds into a bowl.
In another bowl add the whites. Add a pinch of salt.
Whisk until foamy. Then gradually add the sugar. Whisk until stiff peaks form. When stiff peaks form, stop whisking! You don't want to over whisk.
Add food colouring and/or flavouring- when it is half mixed in, add half the almond mixture to the meringue and fold in CAREFULLY and GENTLY. Then add the next half and fold in until smooth and shiny.
Add 1/3-1/2 of the mixture into a piping bag.

Measure out 3-4 cm circles about 3-4 cm apart, on a baking sheet with a pencil then flip it over and use the stencils as a guide. Then hover over it and hold the bag directly in the middle and just above. Then lightly squeeze out the mixture until the full size is achieved.
After all the mixture is used and all the circles are done, slam down the tray a few times (get out any stress or anger maybe?) Then (heres the inpatient part) leave the uncooked macarons in room temperature for 45minutes - 1 hour. Check them after 30-45 minutes to see if they have a slight matt finish and when u REALLY LIGHTLY poke them (well, more of a really tiny touch) it doesn't stick to you. If it does just wait another 15-30 minutes.
Then pop them in the oven for 15 minutes (but I find 18-20 minutes in a 120-130oC oven does it good.) Take out the oven to cool. Whilst they're cooling mix together everything for the filling in one bowl.
Remove the macarons from the paper with a palette knife. 
Apply about a tsp of filling to the flat side of a macaron and sandwich another on top. Repeat with all.

You have macarons!!

My favourite filling:
4 tbsp soft butter,
6 tbsp icing sugar,
50g milk chocolate, (melted)
1 tsp milk or water,
1/2 tsp any gel food colouring.

Mix together the butter and icing sugar. Add colouring and chocolate. Add the milk or water.

Enjoy :)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Todays Ebay buy!

So today ANOTHER order was delivered which means thats 11/11! Call me an addict but ebay has some amazing deals and not everythings 'used' or in 'terribly used condition ew.' Don't let the myths put you off!
So today I had two arrivals, but for this post I'm just going to do one.
Its a wonderful little beach dress! Perfect for over a costume or bikini.
I got it for a great little deal of £4.70 from the seller:
They have sold 1865 items and have a 99.7% feedback rate :D
Recommended seller and a recommended dress,  its a limited addition and for £4.70 I can do far from complain!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Todays buy!

6 disco ball bracelets!
They're so beautiful and I love them. The reason for me getting so many and hope to get 2 more remains a secret for now... I'm becoming a 'healthy-ish' ebay addict! These where from ebay and at only 99p each I could far from complain! The seller is also wonderful and nice and has gave me lovely positive comments on my buy and payment!
These are from the buyer:
They have sold 11768 items and has a 99.9% positive feedback rate.

Definitely a recommended seller!

My favourite one is the red and silvery one! And I also like the champagne and silver one.

Colours I have:
Dark purple
Red and silver
Champagne and silver
Royal blue

Such a good buy!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I don't if its you viewers or Twitter...

I don't know if it's you viewers or tweeters on my twitter that completely abusing me on Like I said in that post last night that I have taken down- all I want to be is accepted in the blogging world and real world. I would appreciate it if you didn't be like this with me. NO ONE understands how much this upsets me-
I want to be like zoella and sprinkle of glitter who have people who love them, love their youtube and blog. But now it seem I can't catch a break even if I try and do everything right. I tried so people could actually get to know me and ask me real questions. Not to be bonbarded with abuse and inappropriate questions. It sickens me that the 21st century cannot live in harmony without making people unhappy for fun.

Goodbye and goodnight anyone who actually bothers to read this...

Cute new phone case!

Today I had a couple of deliveries!
First was a cute black penguin case. I decided to get a black one because its a stereotypical penguin colour- but the beauty is that I can buy multiple ones due its amazing price! It was 99p from ebay, by the seller mytee69 who has sold 114487 items and has a 99.6% positive feedback rate. This is the best price around! Just up my road they have the exact same case for £6! It also comes in a range of colours.
Its for my Samsung S3 Mini and is definitely a recommended product by a recommended seller!

See mytee69 's ebay page

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Macaron troubleshooting...

So the other day I made macarons.
I was aware it was a delicate french biscuit but I probably wasnt aware of how much a mix or two can actually do to macaron mixture.
My macarons tasted amaaaazing but they didnt/hardly have any feet. I am aware now that I must have over mixed a little. But another problem is they lost their perky pink colour due them browning...

Why did this happen? Any help?


So if you like my blog or even if you don't- you've viewed my blog. I just hit 1000 views and 52 posts! (This being the 53rd)... I only created this a couple of months ago so thanks for viewing!!

2000th view giveaway/prize.
And whoever is my 100th follower you will also get a price.

I will make the details more obvious to the time about the 2000th view because obviously it sounds unclear. But I'll work something out and create sort of an entry.

Ok, so quite a few people viewed my blog at once when I hit 1000- probably because I had just posted not long ago- so I didnt get the 1000 view picture, I got 1002 though!  Haha x
Later guysssss x

Friday, 10 May 2013


Nothing more beautiful than the french language and the country!
But why not make a french novelty!...The macaron!

A almondy biscuit, crunchy on the outside and lovley and soft on the inside!

Next week we'll learn to make this delicate little biscuit!

Stay tuned for the next recipe friday!

Blueberry love heart cake RecipeFriday #5

So this is pale with bluey specks inside but descieved by a cute baby pink fondant love heart!

200g self raising flour,
250g brown sugar,
150g soft butter,
1 tsp baking powder,
2 eggs,
100ml milk,
1 tsp vanilla extract,
1 tsp blue food colouring,  (optional)
100g fresh blueberries.

250g (approx) white fondant,
3 drops of red food gel colouring/0.5 tsp red liquid food colouring/1 tsp red fondant,
5 tbsp icing sugar,
1 tsp cold water.

In a bowl cream the butter and sugar together. Add one at egg at a time to the butter mixture. In a cup mix together the milk, vanilla and food colouring. In a separate bowl mix the flour, baking powder and blueberries. Add the milk mixture to the dry mixture. Bake in a 180oC oven for 30-40 minutes until skewer comes out clean.
Allow to cool.
Massage the red into the white fondant until all combined and it isn't marbled.
Roll our the pink fondant.
Cut the cake neatly into an even heart. Cover with fondant. In a small bowl mix together the icing sugar and water until a thick runny mixture has formed. You can add any food colouring to this that you want. Place in a small piping bad or parchment bag and pipe the desired words on top. For example- BE MINE, KISS ME, CUTIE PIE, I LOVE YOU, SWEETHEART...
Enjoy :')

So, the picture may show some sort of cheesecake like things... but you get the picture!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Iron Man 3 review!

So let me just get straight into it yeah? I went to see this last saturday (27th april) -so not long after it came into cinemas here in england.
Well, this film was probably... er... the best film I've ever seen! It was absolutely brilliant. I watched it in 3D but it was so amaaazing that it didnt even need to be in 3D. All week I've been raving in school about how awesome it was. If I was rich, I would have went back on sunday then whenever I had anymore spare time.
By far the best iron man to date! And I can't believe I'm saying this because I want to stay faithful to Captain Steve Rogers, Thor, and, well, the movie Avengers. But its possibly the best Marvel film I've possibly seen. It hurts to say because of my 'never-ending' love for Captain America but I would definitely watch this over and over and over again!

I'm not going to tell u the story line because you may want to watch it- considering it hasn't even been in cinemas 2 weeks. But it has heart breaking moments were you just want to grab and give Robert Downey Jr a massive hug. But it is also JAM PACKED with action! The story line is fantastic and humorous!

I would recommend watching online (naughty) but all the links are crapper than usual for iron man 3 and u can't hear the sound.
Definitely a must see!

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Recently we've had amaaaazing weather... well for a couple of days! But still it made me really happy and positive. I've also been really close with my friends who are the mosssst important thing in the world to me other than my family.
All this happiness and positivety has reduced my anxiety and I haven't been overly worried, concerned or had felt negative lately. So I'm really glad May has arrived and this attitude has also. Although this is only temporary, obviously,  its still a wonderful feeling that I'm really enjoying at the moment.

All I can say now, is bring on the summer and 'let the good times roll!'

Friday, 3 May 2013

Chocolate tart RecipeFriday #4

This is a rich creamy ganache encased in a rich and sweet chocolate shortcrust pastry.
200g plain flour,
4 heaped tbsp icing sugar,
2 heaped tbsp cocoa powder,
100g butter,
1 egg yolk.

200g dark chocolate, (good quality such as; finest or lindt you can get the thin lindt bars that are cheaper than expected- usually 1.85 work best)
2 tbsp sugar,
200ml double/whipping cream,
1 tsp vanilla extract or 1/2 tsp paste,
1 tbsp cocoa powder.

100g dark chocolate,
1 tsp honey or vegetable oil.

In a bowl rub the butter and flour together. Add the cocoa and icing sugar. Then mix in the egg yolk. If this doesn't form a mixture pliable enough to make a dough then add 1 tsp of water at a time until it does. Form into a disc and wrap in cling film. Put in the freezer for 5-10 minutes- this won't freeze it just chill it faster than the fridge. Then roll out the dough til it fits your tin. Place in the tin and stab the bottom around 20 times. Place baking paper over it (overlapping) and add in around a cup of rice or beans or baking beans over the paper. (Halfway through baking, cover the edges of the crust with tin foil if it's going too golden or hard. At this stage- halfway in, remove the paper with the rice/beans) bake for 20 minutes until the whole tart has an even golden matt finish. Place to the side to cool.

In a saucepan heat up the cream and sugar until it just begins to boil and the sugar has dissolved. Turn heat off. In a bowl add the chocolate. Add the hot cream and leave for 30 seconds. Then whisk until a smooth mixture forms. Add the vanilla and cocoa and mix until combine. Pour into the cooled tart case and chill for 30 minutes in the fridge to cool and set.

Prepare a double boiler (saucepan of simmering water with a heatproof bowl on top.) Break up the peices of chocolate and stir until almost melted. Take off heat and wait til smooth. Add 1 tsp of honey OR vegetable oil -it will give it a nice shine!
Pour onto tart and allow to cool and set.

Now cover your face in chocolate whilst you eat!

Enjoy ;P