Saturday, 1 February 2014

Suicide Awareness

Suicide is an extremely sensitive subject for me, and even more lately for me and my friends. I'm not trying to exploit the situation but recently losing a friend and seeing my friends lose a friend has definitely changed me and my outlook on things.
Suicide should never ever ever be looked upon as a joke and people who are suicidal or depressed should be treated right by all. Some people have a lot of problems and people should be helped.
Suicide happens all the time, everyday, and to all groups of people. There is people I've heard of being suicidal at 8 years old and serious about it, which is appalling. People shouldn't feel like this, it's completely not fair and just another glitch on society... It happens to children, teenagers- with school/bullying/work ect... adults... it happens to every type of person. All the time.
If anyone reads this or anything similar, its a hell of a cliché but, get help. I've googled my fair share and its always got to the end of the paragraph with it saying "get help." Its true though . Unfortunately I must admit Its gotten to the point were I'd planned to get help the very next morning. Its not a laughing subject and if you yourself feel suicidal or fear someone you know is, help. Help yourself/help others. Its a serious subject and we lose so many people due to it.
So help.



This is a serious matter.
It happens everyday and is something that needs to be sorted out and highly decreased, immediately. is a brilliant website for anyone who needs information, seriously I've explored the website and it is full of useful information and a lot of link to link pages. is another one were you can have an online counsellor, share your stories, read others (if wanted public) everything said to a counsellor is completely confidential and they constantly state that on the website.

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  1. wow! very good post, spreading awareness is very important so thanks for sharing I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back! xo Agatha