Sunday, 3 February 2013

Crackle Nail Polish -bord had nothing to recommend haha x

So, around 6 months ago the 'crackle nail polish' was all the craze. I mean i'm not a massive nail painter to start with but these intreeged me ... So when I was in Primark and saw that they had some I bought some, and only for a couple of pound for a undercoat, crackle coat and clear coat, I was all for it. When I got home I tried this strange nail polish. It wasnt too bad, I mean it done its job but I think you have to choose your colour carefully... I had the white undercoat with black crackle, and it kind of look like my nail varnish was just chipping. I recommend bright colours or golds. They do them in a range of colours and for a couple of pound a pop, they do an alright job!

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