Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Justin Bieber's Believe Acoustic Album

Now, i'm not trying to be biased because I am a super duper huge Justin Bieber fan but his new version of Believe and some extra songs are pretty amazing. The songs that are extremely upbeat and catchy dance songs have been turned into beautiful ballads even my mum were impressed with! And shes far from crazy about Justin Bieber. This album arrived at my house today (Wednesday 13th February) and I was excited to play it, and when I did I was extremely impressed myself with the album. Its a good interpretation of another side of Justin Bieber. The extra songs added to the original Believe album are great songs to be added. They are also good quality songs even if he is talking about a Yellow Raincoat in one of them, haha. I must say this album is a good way to spend your money, I bought my album for £9 from amazon but since ordering it have seen it for cheaper in other places such as iTunes for £6.99!
Really do recommend this album its deffinately a good listen! <3

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