Thursday, 24 January 2013

Conversation killers?!

So we all have conversation killers were we're talking to someone via technology...
1. The 'k'
After spending minutes on your last text you get a 'k' back- i mean if this is someone you love or someone close to you and u know they feel the same, then say something to keep the convo going- (e.g: hows your day been then? Anythng else? Been up to anything good lately?)
2. The 'haha'
When you have nothing to say to "haha" like i said ask them something else or say something random to get them to say something else!
3. 'the blank'
Ok, so the fatal blank :/
When you are purposely and spontaneously blanked then they obviously don't care about you enough to bother with u, move on and find someone else who will make you happy.
4. The 'sick of them' stage
So, some of us go through stages with people were we are staring and waiting for our phone to buzz for that one to text you back! Then suddenly you feel you have to force yourself to text back or you roll your eyes when your phone lights up.. Me myself have went through that few too many times, its just as annoying as the person your getting sick of. So what do u do? I can only say, slowly phase them out if thats what your truly want, make sure its what you want! Make sure they don't notice its happening. Try and phase them out then boost it up then slowly phase a little bit more.

I can only say, GOOD LUCK ;)

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