Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Deep Action Cleanser

So, my friend with the most amazing skin i've ever seen recommended this deep action cleanser from superdug. Its only £2 and actually does quite a good job. I mean, i still get an odd spot here and there, but the amount has rapidly reduced in the first week or two of use, and these odd spots dont stay for very long. I've been using this for around 6 months now and use it almost every night and every morning. It has a nice tingling, fresh feeling and leave your skin feeling nice and soft.
It also has anti-bacterial salicylic acid, a known acne-fighting ingredient, that helps to fight against spots and blackheads, and prevent them from reforming.
It also contains Witch Hazel that helps tighten pores, leaving skin feeling purified, refrehsed and looking clearer. Tested on spot-prone skin.
All you do is apply about 4-5 shake-drops to a cotton wool pad- as i use, and cleanse your face and neck. Brilliant and take less than 30 seconds for a quick wipe.

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