Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Skullcandy earphones/earbuds

So, for Christmas I NEEDED SOME NEW EARPHONES to avoid them awkward bus rides alone...
So I need some that wont brake easily and can pass through music in good quality.
So I asked for some white sexy skullcandy earphones!
I gotta say they are truly lifesavers and they do their job brilliantly!
I love WHITE! I have a white blackberry, ipod, headphones and now earphones!
I really recommend these! They are quite inexpensive aswell, considering they keep well. I've had skullcandy before and loved them, but they had their days and passed on to the bin eventually years on...
These cost £9.99 from argos! They have reduced down the pounds and are a good buy.
Dont waste your time on them nasty 95p earphones from BnM's! I've had plenty of them and the quickest they've broke on me is the next day, and the eaphones comes off very easily if they do anything as tug on your pocket ...

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