Sunday, 24 March 2013

Have you got a target? Maybe its getting good grades in school or college... getting up for school earlier to save the rush! Or maybe shed the extra pounds before summer (eventually) gets here... Have been planning this since New Years? I know I have! Bring on summer means bring on the diets, now! Everyone seems to be going on diets including myself. I must say I'm quite surprised i've lasted this long to be honest and hopefully I can go longer. I swear my google history is filled with searches of diets, recipes and exercising that will finally make me happy if I get my desired result. Healthy food shops and just about that tiny amount of exercise to get me by is a struggle when finding a gym where you can actually get on a helpful piece of equiptment is hell to find... I tried the detox drink I posted earlier on, although I didnt just have that, I also ate, even if I didnt eat mcdonalds and fry ups, it didnt really change me too much except for that increased energy I noticed I subtley got. I mean struggling to keep myself awake in Maths and the last lesson of the day is terror and I found that the week I drank the detox drink that that didnt seem to happen, even if i did go to sleep 1 1/2 hours after going to bed...
So has anyone else got a target that possibly they gave themself at New Years? If you do let me know how its going or email my blogs email contact address :) x

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