Saturday, 30 March 2013

15 reasons why I hate school...

1. Its full of dickheads who, hopefully, in years time wont be in your life anymore
2. Most teacher just dont give one...
3. Too much homework
4. Whats the point in an option...
5. Teachers are cruel
6. They dont cut you any slack
7. They dont consider socialising
8. Its not considered we have a life outside of homework
9. Some people seem to think that 'own clothes day' is a fashion show...
10. Some people seem to enjoy making people unhappy
11. Some people dont consider feelings before they say something
12. If your different, god forbid...
13. Case studies are just-
14. Theres always that person in your year that you actually cant believe how snotty they are
15. I hate being there, everyones mood is a lot better when they're out of school.

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