Saturday, 2 March 2013

25 facts about me

Everyone on blogs now seem to be doing the '25 facts about me' so I thought I'd join in...
So, 25 facts about me...

1. My name is Hannah-Kate McGarry
2. I am addicted to Crunchie bars and drumstick lollipops
3. I have to tap things an even amount of time (freaky right)
4. I have a little bit of anxiety
5. I love my friends and family more than anything
6. My best friend is the runner and creator of
7. I strongly think that alot more american sweets should be sold in the uk
8. I'm in love with Alfie Deyes and Justin Bieber
9. Anything Hello Kitty- I'm there!
10. I am eating a crunchie bar whilst writing this, and due to my addiction I probably always will be
11. Reeses are just amazing
12. I wear makeup daily- except foundation (unless its a party/concert)
13. I've met Ryan Oshaughnessy 7 times in the same place
14. I believe that one day no one will care about what everyone else does- that will be a good day
15. I remember the most insignificant things such as dates
16. I work out weird stuff like I'm 15 now, next year I'm 17 but at new year I'll be saying I'm 18 next year which sounds weird saying because I'm 15 now < weird.
17. I am an absolute Marvel comic nerd I watch as many of the movies as many times as I can and try and read as many of the comics
18. DC comics are just ...meh...
19. I'm single, how interesting...
20. I'd have 0 things to do if I didnt bake and/or cook
21. The sun makes me happy!
22. I have one brother and I love him to bits! Couldnt ask for a better one
23. I'm pleasantly strange once you get to know me
24. Sometimes I secretly act out my own music videos with myself when listening to music alone (sad)
25. Sleep just doesnt seem to like me and sometimes just doesnt do its job, so it tries to catch up with me in school

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