Thursday, 7 March 2013

Happy birthday thegirlwithacameracalledlionel!

(originally made on Tuesday 5th March)
Today my best friend - founder and creator of
She 15 today! I love her to bits and hoped she had an awesome day :D
For her present I wanted to make her smile and wanted her to be happy with it :)
I bought three different sized picture frames in her favourite colour  (green)
The smallest frame contained a picture of us when we done our mile run for charity as cats xD
The second- medium frame contained a picture of her and Ryan Oshaughnessy when we went to see him and met him several times :) :) :)
And the third -largest frame contained a picture of her and her boyfriend together with whom its their 1 year anniversary this month!
Then over the top of them lay tissue (sort of) paper. On top was a makeup designed for sensitive skin and makeup naturally made without harsh chemicals to the skin.
Then scattered around them was mini packets upon packets of love hearts :)
Hopefully I pleased her.

Well sweetie, hope you had a brilliant birthday Aimz.
Please visit her blog.
Maybe give her a follow.
Give her a view.
Give her a nice birthday comment :)

Bye for now fellow bloggers and searchers... <3

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