Friday, 26 April 2013

30 ways to save money!

1. When baking I use reasonably priced ingredients then a luxury ingredient like brown sugar to make up for it!
2. MUA may be cheap makeup but its still great makeup!  Highly recommended.
3. Using a scented deodorant acts as protection and perfume! 2 in 1!
4. Turn all the things you dont use throughout the day that you leave on standby whilst in work or school off!-classic
5. Cut the toothpaste open to get every last bit out!
6. Wet your hair right before putting on shampoo- it spreads a lot more and you'll use less!
7. Shops such as Blue Inc accept NHS discounts- so if your on the NHS then its worth asking places such as Blue Inc
8. Plan your meals instead of ordering a £15 pizza on your own
9. Buy fruit and vegetables at a local market because they are cheaper and you get more value for money
10. Set savings goals and stick to them
11. Put a percentage of money away for a rainy day'
12. Change your supermarket- why not change from somewhere like tesco to asda- much better deals!
13. Make a budget for certain things such as food shopping and clothes shopping and stick to it!
14. Buy clothes and shoes that are diverse and that can go with everything- e.g black/white converse or pumps
15. Use brand names such as superdrug cleansers -which I have recommended on my blog- only £2 and does a bang-up job!
16. Use spray deodorants that have the same amount in a smaller, cheaper bottle as a big bottle
17. Use good quality reasonably price heated hair tools rather than too expensive ones and too cheap ones- just because they're megabucks doesn't mean they're better!
18. Using frabric dyes on plain clothes can mix up your wardrobe through the seasons!
19. Tesco's contact lenses are cheaper than places such as Milicans but just as good!
20. Using finer coffee means using less coffee
21. Buying whole nuts and whizzing them in a food processor or coffee grinder is cheaper than buying already ground nuts
22. Before buying a phone consider whether its cheaper to buy it on contract or pay as you go
23. Sell your clutter on ebay
24. Use artistics sides to sell to your family ect... -e.g cakes
25. Buying black and white shorts/jeans means you can match any top and shoes with them- more variety of wardrobe!
26. Use plain cupcake cases then make up for it in cupcake decoration
27. Charity shops hide little goodies, to cute teddies to that peice of clothing you've been looking for! (Or you could raid a charity shop to fill a hamper for a present!)
28. Work out whats cheaper- multi packs or single packs
29. Use places like amazon, and ebay to buy things a lot cheaper in price
30. 'Carpool' rather than use your own car by yourself or use a bus pass rather than individual fair

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