Saturday, 6 April 2013

Is summer coming?

Today we had amaaazing weather! I mean bare armed, sunny weather! Woo hoo! I say its about time aswell... as it turned past 5 oclock-ish it did start to get slightly chilly, and I mean slightly. So, is this the start of our much-deserved english summer!? I hope so! Today I had a few friends round, and what started out as a day walking round the high street turned into a chill-out party in the back garden :D
Which made me even more excited for my anual back garden summer BBQ! Which I have in the summer holidays with my friends... but as unpredictable and disappointing english weather can be I expect it will turn on us pretty soon.
I feel sorry for people who spent ALL day in watching the Grand National... Today was the perfect day to have fun outside!
How did you spend your day? Did your horse win?


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