Sunday, 14 April 2013

Snow White and The Huntsman review

This contains some SPOILERS aware.

So I watched Snow White and The Huntsman and although I wasn't super excited to see it... it kind of makes me remember that Kristen had an affair with the director of it, hmm.
But either way I did get myself to watch it. And 5 minutes into it I didnt want to turn it off atall! As I got into it I really enjoyed it. Its stars Chris Hemsworth -whom I love!! And Kristen Stewart.
As the movie goes on you kind of feel a slight chemistry between the two characters, although it is questioned whether it is going to be pursued when William played by Sam Claflin, -an old close friend, returns into her life after years apart.
As the movie goes on the action continues and it becomes a very interesting movie. When Snow White dies Chris Hemsworth's character fesses his love for her. The movie continues and by the end of the movie Snow White becomes Queen, yes, snow white.
One thing I would add that was a negative for me was I didnt really see how the romance (or not) between Snow White and The Huntsman ended for them. There wasnt a kiss or moment at the end that made me again question about the relationship between them.

Rating: 8.5

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