Saturday, 20 April 2013

I need to change my life!

Right, so summerz coming faster than expected... I know we've only just scraped into spring, believe it or not,  summers going to be here before you know it! That means beaches! Sun! And bikinis? Not for me... I've always wanted to, I'm more self conscious about my body than you could ever imagine. So I'm here thinking "you know what if you want this your going to have commit and do this." So here we go, I'm serious about it this time, as I've said in the past... but this time I really mean it! Its go time. I don't even care how ridiculous I sound writing this, I just don't. So I'm not saying I'm going on some craaazy yoyo diet or crash diet to make me lose 5lbs one week and put 5lbs on the next. No. I need a properly balanced diet and A LOT and as much exercise I can. The challenge is to burn a lot more calories than I eat.

So for the weeks to come I'll update on how its going...

Challenge accepted!

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