Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tasty Italian Tomato Sauce :)

So I was whipping up a quick healthy dinner of a Haddock Fillet, Brown rice and LOOOOOT'S of veggies.
And I thought what could possibly go well with this? I googled it and came to nothing! Then I thought about some sort of pasta sauce I could whip up and see If it worked with my dish. Spoiler Alert! - It tasted great and I ended up drenching (Ok calm yourself) the dish and it went really well with the plain, skinless, batterless, bread-crumbless fillet and the rest!
Heres the recipe I whipped up in the kitchen from my chocka cupboards! Its really simple and theres only a pinch of ingredients.


 300g canned cherry tomatoes, (I had a 400g tin but I only used about 300g)
1 tbsp italian herbs, which usually consist of mostly Oregano (which you can tell by the smell!) thyme, bay leaf, parsley and other small amount of herbs dried up in there!
1 tbsp rosemary,
Pinch of fine salt, 
small pinch of course sea salt,
1/2 tsp white pepper!
crack of black pepper,
A few drops of kikoman soy sauce (maybe about 1/2-1 tsp) (going away from italy here but you know!)

Just add the tomatoes and herbs to a small saucepan, put on a low/medium heat. let heavy simmer/boil for 2-3 minutes and then its ready to use! Its quite a nice tomato sauce I whipped up and can be editted anyway you want.
Maybe you could add... 1 tsp chilli paste, which is just blended chilli's in a little sqeezy bottle! Handy!                                                                                         Spice It Up!
Suggestion? Maybe you could use this sauce for an awesome pizza base! Topped with plenty of Cathederal City cheese and a few big pinches of parmesan cheese aswell for that extra something!

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