Friday, 12 April 2013

New jumper & new top :)

So the other day I went for my contact lenses in Tesco and thought I'd 'have a gander' upstairs in the clothes department. And even though it was in the boys 5-14 years section I stumbled across the glasses jumper and geek top. I was surprised that I got myself to be bothered to try them on aswell! I was also surprised that the age 13-14yrs was too big for me! So I tried on the 11-12yrs, that was still abit baggy but fitted nicely! I was chuffed with myself! Then I tried the 13-14yrs in the jumper and it also fitted perfectly! 
So at £5 for the GEEK top.
And £10 for the jumper. I say thats a good deal!


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