Saturday, 25 May 2013

15 weird facts and obsessions

So recently-ish I've noticed I have a few weird obsessions. Some of them weird-ish and some of they just plain strange so heres  obsessions and weird things I do...

1. When it gets past 8-9 o'clock at night I become instantly thirsty and drink a lot of liquid.

2. When the time is the same time as itself, I have to take a screenshot of my phone or take a pic of a digital clock, e.g: 22:22 16:16 13:13

3. Sometimes I think of movies or episodes of something that havnt been on tv for absolutely aaaaages! Then the next day or two they are on! Weird...

4. If I'm bord, or if I think of a sweet food. I'll get up and bake it

5. I have to tap things an even amount of times

6. Every now am then I have to curl my big toes (you know where you sort of squeeze them in) not to specifically crack my toes, I just have to do it.

7. I really cannot leave my phone unlocked. As soon as I'm finished doing what I'm doing if I put it on the table or have it in my hand or whatever I HAVE to lock it.

8. I rarely get to my cup of tea when its hot.

9. I am aaaabsolutely addicted to my phone and spend around about 8 hours on it a day, if not more.

10. Whenever I eat chocolate ice cream I get it round my mouth and my brother puts it round his mouth to make fun of me haha

11. When I watch tv, I flick to the 'lifestyle' channel to see if theres any cooking/baking channels I like on, then I go to the 'movies' then I go to 'all channels' in that order ...everytime!

12. Happy wheels is the only thing that can get me in the deepest histerics ever! Me and my brother absolutely die of laughter when we watch the youtube vids together!

13. I don't like getting on buses with people from other schools

14. My best friend just has the best ideas that I have to restrain myself from stealing :/

15. Thunder makes me uncomfortable and look strange when I'm dead fiddly in class and theres thunders...

Well I kind of dragged this out a little. The first few are definitely massively valid and I do these obsessions and facts obviously all the time.

What are some weird facts/obsessions that you have?


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