Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I don't if its you viewers or Twitter...

I don't know if it's you viewers or tweeters on my twitter that completely abusing me on ask.fm. Like I said in that post last night that I have taken down- all I want to be is accepted in the blogging world and real world. I would appreciate it if you didn't be like this with me. NO ONE understands how much this upsets me- no.one.
I want to be like zoella and sprinkle of glitter who have people who love them, love their youtube and blog. But now it seem I can't catch a break even if I try and do everything right. I tried ask.fm so people could actually get to know me and ask me real questions. Not to be bonbarded with abuse and inappropriate questions. It sickens me that the 21st century cannot live in harmony without making people unhappy for fun.

Goodbye and goodnight anyone who actually bothers to read this...

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