Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Love is in the air :)

Today is the 20 year anniversary of my mum and dad meeting and quickly falling in love.
They only got married two years ago- to this day. Same day they met- 18 years later they married.

The story of them
They were both not long out of long relationships when they met in a pub around and about. They really hit it off and both parties thought there was just a 'rebound' thing going on. They became really scared when they realised how fast they were falling in love 2-3 weeks.
Then 4 months after meeting they both 'knew' and, well, after them 4 months, my dad popped the question. A few years later they decided they were ready for children- and that's where me and my big brother come in!
They finally decided to start planning a wedding august 2010 after me asking and begging and helping them realise how great it would be. So I went round hotels and registrar's with them. And the day began to come together! They were married May 29th 2011.

Happy 20th/2nd anniversary mum and dad. I love you!!


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